Bridging Loan Rates

Below we listed some general information about lenders and bridging loan rates.

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Lender Max LTV Term RATE
Residential properties and Buy to Lets
75% LTV
Up to 12 months (can also be converted to a 3 or 4 year term loan)
Rates from 0.69%
Land/with or without planning permission
60% LTV
Up to 12 months
Rates from 1.25%
Commercial property
Commercial property
up to 12 months
Rates from 1.0%

Please note above figure may be changed by lender at any time and should be treated as guidelines only.

Used terms:
LTV - Loan to Value (LTV). The size of the mortgage compared with the value of the property i.e. a 60,000 mortgage secured on a 100,000 house is 60% LTV.
OMV - Open Market Value (OMV). This is the normal selling price of a property as dictated by an estate agent or surveyor.
90 Day - 90 day value. This is a reduced selling price used by some bridging loan lenders to calculate how much they will lend and is usually listed as 90% of the OMV i.e. if a property is valued at 100,000 OMV then the 90 day value is 90,000.